It’s a famous saying that “The way you dress is the way you are addressed.” Many people define fashion as different things depending on their perspective. Although the meaning of fashion differs from individual to individual, for me, it is the expression of a pre-conceived idea of how you desire the world to see you through clothes, hairstyle, shoes, and accessories. It is a means of communicating ideas, emotions or thoughts. People get different messages based on what they see and am sure most people want a decent message passed across as much as possible.

Fashion or what is tagged as fashion has evolved over the years. For ages now, clothing is no longer seen as covers but as a means of expression, so you not only dress to be covered but to be ‘seen’ sometimes even if it demands lesser clothes, in times past more costumes were used, more materials and so on. At this junction am tempted to think that clothing lines although better and more sophisticated could have been caught-up in the cold hands of global warming (on a lighter note though), but it is not far from the truth. Check out this pretty ladies Schaumburg Escorts and Dupont circle Escorts to see how fashion has evolved over the years

Fashion strolled from weird hairdo for men and baggy trousers to well-trimmed hairs and fitted clothing while for women it used to be ball gowns, adequately touched hairstyle to more revealing dresses and loosed hairdos.

In time past fashion was used as a means of identification. A man or woman dressed in a certain way representing a specific tribe, culture or idea, then a century down the line as much as change has eaten deep, enhanced and entirely eradicated ideals it still passes across a message whenever you are seen.

Also, fashion is a cycle. Scientists say the world is spherical which is right and I also believe that everything in it is too. Specific clothing line in vogue today have at one point or the other been in the past except for the fact that today they are more sophisticated. If you doubt it, look into granny’s closet, and you just may find something similar to yours. To a large extent, Fashion standards are never compromised instead they remain throughout time and is called vintage. Vintage connotes class, sophistication, and elegance. Although most people think it is old-fashioned and not applicable in today’s world.

What’s different now? In time past decency was the watchword but in today’s world, it’s a different ideology as a whole. In today’s society, fashion is all about being noticed and seen even if it means walking down the street with lesser clothing all in the name of being sexy or hot. Besides it is safe to say that fashion has a whole has evolved and as compared to a century before now, fashion has a whole new meaning.

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